The Cheapest Exercise Equipment, That Can Be Carried Anywhere And Makes You Exercise Even When You Are Travelling, Getting You Strong And Fit Is None Other Than The Simple Skipping Rope. The Whole Family Can Use The Rope And All You Need Is Good Shoes And Little Space. Skipping Is Fun And Brings The Element Of Fun As It’s Associated With Childhood. Anyone Can Skip Not Just Ladies And Kids. Elite Athletes And World Famous Boxes Use Skipping In Their Training As It Has Many Other Skill Based Benefits Like Agility, Speed And Coordination.

It Can Be Considered As A Low Impact Exercise And Its Better Than Jogging If Done Properly Or You Will Be Putting Direct Stress On Knees, Ankles, And Hips. It Is Not Suitable For Obese People As The Pressure On Knees And Ankle Is Even More And They Can Injure Themselves. People With Ankle, Knee And Hip Injury Should Avoid. People Suffering From Arthritis Should Not Skip. If You Are 35 Plus And Physically Inactive Then Consult A Doctor Before To Start Exercising.

Here Are A Few Tips To Skip Rope And Get Fit-

  • Skipping Rope Length Is Important, Put It Under Your Feet, The Handles Should Reach Your Sternum ( Rib Cage Top)  Much Higher, Or Lower Will Affect The Rhythm And Makes Skipping Harder .The Jump Rope Should Touch The Ground Each Time It Comes Down
  • Skip On A Wooden Floor Or Buy A 5 X 5 Plywood Board To Jump On To Reduce The Impact
  • Do Not Jump On Carpet As Its Bad For The Ankles And You May Trip
  • Try To Avoid Jumping On Concrete Floor And Hard Surface
  • Always Wear Your Sports Shoes To Jump Do Not Jump Barefoot
  • Try Skipping Rope To Music. The Beat Will Help You Keep Pace And Makes You Forget You Are Exercising
  • When You Jump Rope, Try To Softly Jump Up And Down On The Balls(Front ) On Your Feet. Your Heels Should Never Touch The Ground, Which Is One Reason Why Jumping Rope Is A Good Calves Workout
  • Do Not Jump Rope High Keep The Jump As Small As Possible As This Will Make You Jump Longer.
  • Jumping Rope Is All In The Wrists. If You Are Using Your Arms And Shoulders While Jumping Very High, Jumping Rope Becomes A Very Difficult Exercise. Just Use Your Wrists In A Circular Motion. Try To Practice This From The Beginning
  • Keep Your Eyes On Only One Thing. This Will Help You Focus More And Helps You To Keep Your Balance. You Can Judge Where The Rope Is Without Looking Directly At It.
  • Start Slow, Practice And Become Perfect.
  • There Are Many Variations That Can Be Done With Skipping As You Become An Expert You Can Try Them. Like Double Hops, Criss Cross Hopes Etc
  • You Can Also Consider Starting A Skipping-Rope Club And Have Healthy Competitions. Like Who Can Skip Longer, In One Minute How Many Jumps, Travelling Skipping Etc

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