Mounts interview. Balancing Profession in home

Mounts interview. Balancing Profession in home

Your Inspiration To Work In This Specific Field?

Being A Athlete I Never Wanted To
Stop Exercising Or Being Fit . My Interest In Exercises Motivated Me To Take Up This Profession. Back Then When I Did My Certification Fitness Was Quite New It Was Just Evolving There Were No Forerunners Like Now.


How Do U Handle Work Stress / Are There Any Instances Where You’ve Found Your Job A Little Too Stressful To Handle? Exercise Is A Stress Buster. And I Am A Strong Woman Inside Out. That’s What Exercises Do To You, It Builds Your Confidence And Self Image, Strengthens Your Body And Mind And With A Positive Attitude And Knowledge You Can Take On Any Challenge. To Date We Don’t Have Bangalore’s Fitness King Or Diet Queen . I Have Earned The Title And Media Gave Me That Title Bangalore’s Fitness Queen.

How Do U Balance Your Work And Personal Life ? 

My Favourite Line Where There Is A Will There Is A Way. 

Being Organized , Disciplined And Systematic Helps. 

Everything Should Have It’s Time Set And I Thank My Family For Being Understanding At Times When My Profession Eats Into Family Time. 

How Cooperative Are Your Family Members About Your Career ? 

Very Very Cooperative And They Are Happy That I Am Able To Help People By Getting Them Healthy .

Since The Whole Family Is Inclined Towards Serving The Society They Make Room For My Initiative Get Fit India And Forge Ahead.

What Are The Sacrifices You’ve Made To Reach This Point ? 

Personal Time . My Eye Sight 🙂 

But Every Bit Is Worth It When People Message Me And Tell Me I Made A Difference In Their Life As They Were Inspired By Me To Make Lifestyle Changes. A Feel Good Factor . Social Work Is The Renter Pay For Our Stay On Planet Earth. 

What Are The Common Criticisms You’ve Faced At Work Place And How Did U Deal With Them ? 

Jealousy Maybe.  But Eventually My Haters Beocme My Fans Too. Hard Work , Commitment And Consistency Towards Work , Re Inventing Onself Hardly Makes Room To Give Criticism A Ear. 

How Can Society Create A Supportive Environment For Aspiring Women To Excel ? 

There Are Many Womanpreneur / Support Groups On What’s App And Social Media.  I Think That Cannot Help A Woman Take A Career A Notch Ahead . 

But Self Help , Will Power , Determination , And Exposure Helps Lot More. I Am A Self Made Woman I Started From The Scratch Without Any Help. 

A Few Inspiring Words For Young Women To Face Their Upcoming Challenges? 

If It Is To Be It’s Up To You And Just You. Use The Power Of Your Mind .

Challenges And Set Backs Are Enriching Experience , Take Them As They Come And Don’t Let It Big U Down.  

When You Have Health On Your Side You Have It All So Eat Right And Exercise ! 

Set Goals , Work Towards It , Make It Happen , Live Your Dreams , Find Purpose , Make A Difference , Serve The Society And Make Your Trip To Planet Earth A Memorable One. 

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