We All Find Ourselves Frequently Giving Into The Convenience Of Processed Foods, In Spite Of Its Negative Health Effects.Yes Of Course Refined Food Tastes Good But It Does Not Provide Enough Nutrition, And Can Be Bad For Our Health In The Long Term. Many Families Today Have Become Disconnected From Unrefined Food And The Nourishment It Provides. Our Ancestors Would Eat Only Unrefined Food And Stayed Lot Healthier Than Us; We Have Now Replaced Unrefined Food With Deadly, Depleted Processed Food. With These Life Style Changes We Are Not Only Losing Our Health We Are Also Ending Up Popping Many More Pills. Its Important To Understand That How Refined Food Is Processed By Our Digestive System So Next Time You May Think Twice Before You Reach For That Just One Somosa Or Those Kulchas.

Food Is Processed By Our Digestive System So Next Time You May Think Twice Before You Reach For That Just One Somosa Or Those Kulchas.
Refined Food Is Stripped Of The Vitamins, Minerals, And Fiber That Were Originally Present Before Processing. Consuming Large Amounts Of Refined Products Places An Extra Burden On The Body To Supply The Nutrients, Specifically The B Vitamins, Chromium, Magnesium, And Zinc, Needed To Convert Glucose (Blood Sugar) Into Energy.

Foods Cannot Be Metabolized Properly WITHOUT Minerals And Vitamins. The Energy That These Empty Calorie Foods Provide Becomes Unavailable To Our Body And Is Stored As Fat. In The Meantime We Feel Hungry And Eat More. This Too Turns Into Fat. Because Refined Food Lack Fiber And Bulk, It Slows Down Intestinal Activity.

They Take Up To Five Times Longer To Pass Through The Intestinal Tract Than The Natural Unrefined High Fiber Foods (75 Hours Compared To 15) And The Body ABSORBS Calories During The Entire Time Of Their Constipated Passage.

The More A Grain Is Processed, The More It Has Lost Its Nutrients. Here Is An Example For You To Get A Fair Idea – 100 G Cooked Long-Grain White Rice Contain 0.5 G Of Fiber 100 G Cooked Long-Grain Brown Rice Contain 1.5 G Of Fiber. The Removal Of Nutrients And Almost All Fibers From Grains Creates An Unbalanced Product.

The Conversion Process Not Only Causes Fatty Deposits On Our Body, But Also In Our Cells, And On Our Arteries, Liver, Kidneys, Our Heart And Other Organs . As The Presence Of Fiber Slows The Release Of Sugar Into The System, The Body Overreacts To The Chemical “Hit” Of Sugar By Over Secreting Insulin. That In Turn Sends The Blood Sugar Too Low. The Insulin Overshoot Causes LOW Blood Sugar Will Results In Jitters, Irritability, Headache, Hunger, And Fatigue.

The Constant Bombardment Of Blood Sugar Raises Your Risk Of Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis, Premature Aging, And Cancer .So Apart From Gaining Weight You Are Also Inviting Health Hazards.

Pizza, Chocolate, Sweets, Biscuits, Pastries, Kulcha, Naan, Soft Drinks Are All Refined Foods And Should Be Avoided.

The Next Time You Hands Reach Out To Those Tempting Food Think Twice. Yes There Will Be Temptations. This Is Where You Should Get Your Mind Over Matter.

Learn To Satisfy Your Mind And Not Your Stomach. The Brain Actually Requires Just Two Bites To Get The Message That It Has Had Enough. The Trick Is To Eat It Very Slowly To Get The “Its Enough” Feeling. Dishes Made From Refined Food Should Be Consumed In Moderation.

Make Small Changes In Your Cooking By Replacing Refined Flour With Wheat Flour; Sugar With Jaggery Or Honey And Polished Rice With Brown Rice.Eat Healthy Live Healthy. In The Next Column We Shall Discuss About The Role Of Water In Weight Loss.

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